We welcome you and thank you for your presence at the 2nd InvestGR Forum 2019: Foreign Investments in Greece.

Last July, in this same place, we announced that the InvestGR Forum would become an annual event. We are on our way… Our ambition is for this initiative to become an annual institution.

Last year, six discussion panels and thirty-three distinguished speakers (politicians, heads of multinational companies, academics and experts) highlighted key parameters influencing investment decisions.

This year, we are getting tougher.

Just a few days after the European elections and the local government elections, the 2nd InvestGR Forum 2019 provides an impetus for stakeholders involved to formulate positions and suggestions as to the image of Greece as an investment destination and the necessary improvements in the country’s investment framework.

Ahead of you, you have a busy day: Speeches by important institutional representatives, a unique survey of how Greece can achieve rapid sustainable growth, five thematic panel discussions, a barometer survey of Greece’s image as an investment destination, and finally “10 Interventions for Boosting Foreign Investment in Greece.”

Many people are saying: “But does anything come of these discussions?” I believe, despite the prevailing view, that, yes, something comes of it for those who choose to listen. The country will only move forward when everyone, according to responsibility and role, does what is needed to improve the investment framework and increase foreign – and, of course, domestic – investment in Greece to the necessary level.

Andreas Yannopoulos