Introductory Remarks

Last July, the InvestGR Forum completed five years of life, and in that span the Forum has established itself as an institution in the public debate on foreign investment in Greece.

When we decided to organize the first InvestGR Forum in 2018, our goal was to establish the Forum as a constructive dialogue platform for all stakeholders, exclusively on the subject of foreign investment in Greece. The feedback confirms that this goal has been achieved, and we could not have done it without the support of outstanding companies, business people, academics, political figures and institutions.

We extend a warm thank you to everyone who has continuously supported this initiative since its inception.

In the years of the Forum’s activity, the subject of foreign investment has had – and will surely continue to have – a prominent place in the public debate. Discussions, exchanges of ideas and proposals presented at the Forum have been constructive and productive – always with data and solid facts as the starting point. As part of our strategic partnership with EY Hellas, EY’s prestigious, annual survey on the attractiveness of countries as investment destinations provides essential data points for the Forum.

The fourth edition of the survey, EY Attractiveness Survey Greece 2022, which was presented at the 5th InvestGR Forum 2022, confirmed that the attractiveness of our country as an investment destination remains resilient, despite increased uncertainty and pessimism created by the war in Ukraine and rapidly increasing energy prices. In fact, the survey recorded 2021 as the year with the second best performance of the country in the number of investments since 2000.

This positive FDI performance, combined with a significant rise in exports, the high growth rate, increased deposits and the expected significant EU resources and reforms, creates an unexpectedly positive investment environment. Maintaining this positive momentum is the next challenge, in an unpredictable international environment, and with the ever-present danger of complacency and failing to safeguard these important achievements.

As the EY research points out, “We must remember that we are operating in a highly competitive European and global environment, in which all countries are today intensifying their efforts and moving at a rapid pace to enhance their attractiveness. We must now compare ourselves with them, and not with our previous performance.”

Greece is called upon to remain in the race of competition to attract foreign investment, which is why we chose the title “6th InvestGR Forum 2023: Greece, Staying the Course” for the upcoming Forum.

See you on 3 and 4 October (Athens Conservatoire), at an InvestGR Forum with rich content, some surprises, and an innovative format.


Andreas Yannopoulos

Public Affairs and Networks