Introductory Remarks

After the successful 2nd InvestGR Forum 2019, we had planned to organize the 3rd InvestGR Forum 2020, under the title “Greece is Back,” looking forward to the country’s return, after the twelve-year and deep economic crisis, to economic growth and, in particular, to the radar of foreign investors.

The health crisis of recent months, however, has overturned the situation and brought new constraints and challenges to the fore.

Greece, after the successful management of the health crisis, is coming to the “next day” with new advantages, without, of course, ignoring the significant economic impact.

This is why the title and, to a significant extent, the discussion panels of the 3rd InvestGR Forum 2020 have been changed.

“Greece in the Pole Position,” is the title we chose for this new situation. Our goal is to enable stakeholders to present their positions and proposals on the even more crucial issue of foreign investment in Greece today. Both concerning the importance of FDI for the fastest possible recovery of the Greek economy, and the impact on FDI of the recent strengthening of the country’s international image as a result of the successful management of the health crisis. The first session, in mid-July, is scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the return to active economic activity, while the second session, in early October, will take place when we will have more data in the economic and health perspectives.

The 3rd InvestGR Forum 2020: Greece in the Pole Position maintains the original support and auspices of the of the Representation of the European Commission in Greece, the Ministry of Development and Investments, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), while major media will support the project as Communication Sponsors.

Finally, in the framework of the strategic cooperation of EY Greece and the InvestGR Forum, the first findings of the EY research, “Attractiveness Survey: Greece 2020”, on the attractiveness of Greece as an investment destination will be presented and analyzed. The survey is expected to capture, for the first time since the start of the health crisis, the investment community’s views on the country’s strengths and weaknesses as an investment destination.

We are confident that the online 3rd InvestGR Forum 2020: Greece in the Pole Position will be crowned with success.


Andreas Yannopoulos