1st day

Kostas FRAGKOGIANNIS, Deputy Minister for Economic Diplomacy and Openness

George PAPADIMITRIOU, EY Managing Partner in Greece

1st panel: EY Attractiveness Survey Greece 2023

Signposts for the Future with Professor Stathis KALYVAS

2nd panel: Intl. Companies: Ambassadors of Dev. in Greece – The case of JTI

2nd day

3rd panel: Green Greece: Opportunities Ahead

One-on-One with Adonis GEORGIADIS, Minister of Labor and Social Insurance

4th panel: One problem, One solution

Nikos VETTAS, General Director IOBE, Professor AUEB: Why Greece, Why Now?

5th panel: Digital Greece, Innovative Greece

Stelios ZONTOS, Chairman, The Newtons Laboratory: Rebranding Greece

One-on-One with George FLORIDIS, Minister of Justice

One-on-One with Kostis HATZIDAKIS, Minister of Finance

One-on-One with Evangelos VENIZELOS