Introductory Remarks

The InvestGR Forum: Foreign Investments in Greece is now entering its fourth year of providing a trusted space for the development of serious public debate on the issue of foreign investment in Greece.

From the first year, 2018, until today, experts and distinguished representatives of the political, business, and academic spheres have participated in the Forum, contributing ideas, proposals, research, and news.

We deeply appreciate their trust and support.

At the beginning of 2019, most of us believed that the hardships of the debt crisis were firmly behind us. The country, despite its challenges and inherent limitations, seemed finally to be on a path of growth and stability. But the “black swans” had other ideas. The COVID crisis was followed in short order by a crisis with our neighboring country. Rarely do such important crises, with cumulative effects on the economy, occur at the same time.

However, there is also significant good news. The European Union has reacted vigorously to the pandemic with a coordinated plan. The pro-investment climate is becoming more and more established in Greece. The flow of foreign investment does not seem to be slowing down, quite the contrary. Once the expected good news from the field of science to effectively deal with the pandemic is added, confidence is expected to return to the business community.

In this context, the key word for attracting foreign investment and, in general, for the recovery of the Greek economy is “Reforms”. Almost everyone in the public debate refers to the critical importance of reforms in the Greek economy, especially in areas where inaction and entanglements continue to persist. Reforms are the only way forward to build and sustain growth.

That is why the 4th InvestGR Forum 2021, will have the title “Reforming the Greek Economy,” aiming to highlight the areas and ways in which the reforms should be implemented, in order to further improve the attractiveness of Greece as an investment destination.


Andreas Yannopoulos

Public Affairs and Networks