Introductory Remarks

The InvestGR Forum goes into its fifth year as an established institution in the public debate on foreign investment in Greece.

The Forum has emerged as a respected meeting point thanks to: The leading institutions that have offered their unwavering support and aegis; The prominent politicians, academics and experts, who have participated as speakers; Dozens of large companies that have embraced the initiative as sponsors; The important media outlets, Greek and foreign, that support the Forum as communication sponsors.

All this encourages us to continue the effort to provide a credible, serious and structured platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas and proposals on the issue of foreign investment in Greece – crucial for the economic development of the country.

Since 2010, Greece has gone through fire and water. The debt crisis left great scars on society, and, yet, the economy managed to make an enormous adjustment and many long-due reforms were implemented. In other words, the emergence of a new economy was on the horizon: an economy with a strong currency, significantly undervalued assets, and an oversupply of highly skilled labor.

Despite the favorable prospects and the pro-investment attitude of the country as a whole, Greece has faced a series of important crises in the last two years, with obvious effects on the economy. However, recent economic indicators show that not only is the Greek economy strongly rebounding, but also that the theory of the jumpstart seems to be confirmed.

To sustain the strong recovery, the tens of billions of euros in resources and financing through the EU Recovery Fund will play an important role. Equally important will be the inflows of foreign capital, which are expected for Greece, as projected by the important research “Attractiveness Survey, Greece 2021,” presented by EY at the 4th InvestGR Forum 2021.

Despite the problems, uncertainties and dangers that always lurk, it seems that the Greek economy is overcoming the effects of the pandemic, recovering dynamically, and may even exceed the forecasts of economic analysts.

In other words, a new Greece is emerging and this will be the theme of the 5th InvestGR Forum 2022: A New Greece Emerges.


Andreas Yannopoulos

Public Affairs and Networks