In early 2018, the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, invited the CEOs of 140 foreign multinational corporations to Versailles and – in the presence of 15 of his ministers (!) – shared with them his vision of France as an attractive destination for foreign direct investment.

This is an example that Greece should follow.

Greece certainly can, under certain conditions, become a destination for foreign direct investment.

Executives of foreign companies operating in Greece share this aim. They too are seeking to convince their headquarters to position Greece among their potential investment choices.

For that to happen, the State must understand the needs of business and be responsive to the proposals and feedback of foreign companies who are trying to improve the framework for foreign direct investment in Greece.

The InvestGR – Foreign Investment in Greece Forum aims to fulfill that goal, to help make Greece an attractive destination for foreign investment.

This year, the foundation will be laid for an annual Forum with leading Greek policy makers and the heads of foreign companies in Greece.

The Forum will be the setting for constructive dialogue, free of platitudes and, above all, with good faith proposals from both sides to help Greece advance into the future!


Andreas Yannopoulos