Cooperation between EY Hellas and InvestGR Forum

EY Greece and the InvestGR Forum are collaborating, for the fourth consecutive year, in the context of the InvestGR Forum: Foreign Investments in Greece.

On 3 October, EY will present, exclusively and as the first  presentation in Greece, the findings of the research it is conducting on a global scale: ”EY Attractiveness Survey, Greece 2023,” at the 6th InvestGR Forum 2023: Greece, Staying the Course.

In the opening discussion panel of the 6th InvestGR Forum 2023, the main findings of the EY Attractiveness Survey: Greece 2023, on the attractiveness of the country as an investment destination, will be presented and analyzed. This fifth edition of EY’s annual survey will capture the opinions of the investment community on Greece, the country’s advantages as an investment destination, but also the areas for improvement. The survey report also analyzes the country’s performance in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the past year, as well as its course compared to previous years.

The survey, which is an independent part of the broader series of surveys of the global EY attractiveness research on the attractiveness of various countries and geographical areas as investment destinations, is based on a significant sample of executives of large foreign companies, that either already have an investment presence in Greece, or are potential investors.

The Managing Director of EY Greece, George Papadimitriou, stated:

“Despite the challenges it has faced in recent years, and the ongoing pressures of a demanding global economic environment, Greece has demonstrated resilience, is implementing an ambitious transformation plan with the support of the Recovery Fund, and is steadily claiming ground on the radar of international investors. Our collaboration, for another year, with the InvestGR Forum, gives us a unique opportunity to share and analyze, for the first time, the updated results of our annual survey, Attractiveness Survey Greece, which are expected to be particularly interesting.”

The founder of InvestGR Forum and CEO of Public Affairs & Networks, Andreas Yannopoulos, commented as follows:

“With special anticipation, we await this year’s results of the unique, in scope and completeness, EY research on the attractiveness of Greece as an investment destination. And this because the country is at the beginning of a new government term, with significant challenges, as well as not negligible risks, that justify the increased interest of many stakeholders in the findings of the research, which, for another year, we will have the privilege and pleasure to host and discuss at the 6th InvestGR Forum 2023.”

The 6th InvestGR Forum 2023: Greece, Staying the Course is organized by Public Affairs & Networks for the sixth consecutive year and will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October 2023 (Athens Conservatoire) with the support and auspices of the Representation of the European Commission in Greece, of the Ministry of Development and Investments, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, while important media will be communication sponsors.